Are you planning your trip to Bhutan? Then it is high time to get yourself exposed to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Also known as Paro Takstang, it is one of the highly recognizable spots in Bhutan.

Specialties in Association

The Tiger’s Best Monastery has been considered to be a highly sacred Buddhist site in Paro nearby Bhutan. Built in the 19th Century, the place comprises of legends in association with Guru Rinpoche.

  • Legend associated – It is believed that Guru Rinpoche had arrived to this monastery in Tibet by riding on the back off a gigantic tigress. Thus the name of this place has been named as Tiger’s Nest.
  • Inclusions – The monastery is one of the famous places to visit in Tibet. It comprises of four temples along with residential accommodations meant especially for monks. Despite regular visit by a plethora of tourists, the place still carries on with the sanctity.
  • An extraordinary place – The place is so well recognized among all that people having quickest tour do not fail to miss it. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery comprises of a small collection of buildings that have been perched at a height off about 900 meters above the ground.
  • A highly stunning place to visit – The place is well known for its stunning look along with favorable location. Without visiting the Tiger’s Nest, the trip to Bhutan will remain incomplete. This place has been regarded to be among the coolest spots in Bhutan.
  • Location of the spot– The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is situated at a distance of about 10 miles to the north of Paro. As a result, Paro has been named as the perfect base at the time of paying a visit to this place. It is better to hire agents that have been well known for making organized tours.
  • Time taken to visit – In an average, it takes a maximum time of 4-5 hours to conclude with the round trip of hike and complete the tour to the monastery. You may have some refreshments while on the way so that you may still remain energized.
  • Hiking, the only option – As the monastery is situated above the ground, hiking has been considered as the only way to reach the spot. No vehicle is allowed! Still, arrangements regarding horse riding have been made for people who cannot walk for long. The tour to this place will truly be a memorable one.


Whenever you are on your way to visit a new place like Bhutan, then it is recommended to hire services of a reliable travel agent. There are experts that are well aware of vital factors like weather, things to carry, best spots and many more. Some additional advantages in association with the same include:

  • Reasonable rate – A highly reliable travel agent will render the best service against a reasonable charge. No need to burn a big hole into your pocket.
  • Best arrangement – They will make the best arrangement in terms of tour, food and lodging. You can enjoy your trip in the best possible manner.
  • Right guidance – Also you will get the best guidance so that your journey becomes a memorable one. You will be guided about the right type of clothing along with accessories and medicines to carry on along with.
  • Booking of tickets – Tourists need not carry on with the hassle of booking of tickets as everything will be done by the agent. You will get the best help from each and every angle.

Tour to Bhutan, can really be a memorable one!

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Author : Chime
Date : 22 Sep 2017