It is fact that as a neighbor country of India it is considered a one of the top-rated tourist destination for everyone. It has some of the best sceneries views like Himalaya’s glacier, forts, mountains, trekking places, shopping, and some best spiritual spot to visit.

For many people, this is one of the best-desired tourist destination and perfect gateway for enjoy with families and friends. It has lots to explore and especially the young enthusiastic people would love to visit here for the paramount trekking and hike experience to gain.

Know the things that you need to follow while traveling to Bhutan 2017/2018

1.  If you are new to place then don’t expect to travel freely – it is well good to hire a travel guide, as it is good to know about the place as all the travel must be arranged by the government agencies or through the help of professional tour and travel services provider.

2. Know about the place and Mind You travel guide accordingly – It has rules to follow their religion code of conduct related to attire for male and female effectively. Wearing the traditional attire will surely help you to involve with their customs and tradition precisely and you can able to know them. The dress codes are well followed by the tourist as for men Gho and for the female it is Kira. The people can also use full sleeves shirt with full pants for all official offices.

3. Use dollars as currency – If you want to spend money while traveling to the new place you need hard cash. If you carry some hard cash in the form of dollars will help you to shop freely without many difficulties

4. No Smoking Habit – One of the most important things to remember that Bhutan is the only country that bans sale and production of tobacco. The smoking is completely banned here so it is good to follow the rules and no smoking habit throughout your journey. The fees levied on these products are quite high as they are totally prohibited to use.

5. Time Zone Impact – It follows different time zone facility so it is good to keep the timing zone specifically. When compared to India it is 30 min ahead of Indian standard time.

6. Know the official language – The Bhutanese follow Dzongkha as their official language, If you want to communicate freely with them then learning some simple basic works will surely help you to communicate with them. It is also good to know that most of them also speak or understand Hindi and English too. Many of the shopkeepers and taxi drivers speak Hindi and English too.

7. Know the Seasons for the better experience – If you planning for trekking or hike holiday then choosing the April, May, and Sep will be the best seasons for the tourist to enjoy. The best time is winter is good for traveling here and makes you the memorable lifetime experience.

8. Choose home stay – There are many hotels with good amenities but quite expensive by charges but another best way to choose the guest house of pg accommodation that helps you to get huge homely space with all the home needs like the stove, geyser, iron and much more. The traveler can feel the homely experience.

All these are the things that the traveler need to remember before planning to visit Bhutan as it will help you in exploring your holiday time freely and makes it more comfortable and enjoyable.

Categories: Travel Blogs
Author : Chime
Date : 06 Oct 2017