Overlooking the snow capped mountains in the backdrop; Bhutan by now is a known surreal address. Every year thousands of tourists rush to the country to soak into its unconditional benediction of nature. However, for the love of mountains, there are many mountain festivals celebrated every year in Bhutan.

Next time you plan a trip to Bhutan, try to plan accordingly so that you can witness the best glimpses of nature with conjugal of merry making. Here are some of the mountain festivals in Bhutan.


It is a community based effort to pay respect and create awareness for snow leopard conservation. It is celebrated amongst communities that live close by endangered snow leopard.

  • It is celebrated at Mt. Jomolhari and is a two-day themed event celebrated amidst the pristine bounty of nature.
  • The festival is celebrated by Soe Yaksa and Soe Yutoed communities along with Jigme Dorji National Park and Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division.
  • There are conservation programs and awareness spread amongst participants.

The festival for the first time was conducted in 2013. Since then in an effort to conserve snow leopard it is conducted every year.


It is undoubtedly one of the largest and vibrant festivals of Bhutan that attract millions of spectators with its splash of colours. It is celebrated in Rinpung Dzong during the spring season and witness a massive gathering.

  • The festival witness re-enacts of famous Buddhist legends as monks and other people dress in colourful fancy costume.
  • The exquisite face masks worn by the people reign to be major highlight.
  • The celebration ends by rolling a 350 years old scroll which is four storey high. It is called Thangkha (Buddhist Scroll)

The festival is celebrated by people from all over the country and includes mask dance (Cham), lots of merry making and happiness. On the last day, beautiful paintings called Throngdrols are displayed.


If you are fascinated by nomadic life and want to explore it closely, this festival is something that you must not miss. The festival is held in a place called Bumthang and gathers all nomads from around the country in merry making.

  • It is a great festival for travellers to get a glimpse of Bhutanese Nomadic life.
  • Soak your taste buds in the delicious food, enjoy yak riding and try on the Bhutanese traditional attire.
  • It brings together multiple tribes all under same roof which is a beautiful insight for travelers.

The vivid and nomadic festival celebrates the pride of different tribes of Bhutan. It is celebrated with great pomp and show. For women, it is matter of fancy as they slip on to embroidered aprons and plait hair with fancy ribbons.


The festival is mostly celebrated during the months of June or July and is an opportunity to enjoy wilderness of Bhutan living in summer camps. There are lot of adventurous activities one can participate in during the festival.

  • Relish taste of authentic food especially prepared by locals.
  • Participate in the local dance, sing with locals and enjoy mountain bike race.
  • Enjoy the light headedness after gulping local alcoholic drink called Ara

This is a great way to explore and experience the verdant landscape of the country. Celebrate the bounty of nature by enjoying scenic hikes, walk on old trails and observe different flora and fauna of the country.

Categories: Travel Blogs
Author : Chime
Date : 29 Sep 2017