Activities in Bhutan


Archery is a national game and the most popular game in the country. It brings more Bhutanese competitors on the occasions and auspicious days. It sees whole-hearted participation and enthusiasm from its countrymen. Archery grounds are found across the country including towns. The archers use both the traditional bamboo longbow and the modern Carbonite high-velocity crossbow.

Cultural Festival

Bhutan is one of the ultimate travel experiences and a journey to the destination. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, the cultural diversity and richness are profound. Every corner of the country has different cultural festivals. This serves as the backdrop for life in Bhutan and a strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation. Bhutan is the only country where traditions and culture remained alive and continues to thrive in this modern world.

Religious Ceremony

Religious festivals, ceremonies, and rituals in Bhutan are conducted across the country on the auspicious days in the lunar calendar. Religious festivals are either dedicated to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), local saints and deities. Mask dances and other local dances are performed at the annual festival – Tshechu. Some important occasions include marking the passing anniversary of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal (the founder of the nation). Hundreds of thousands of devotees across the nation offer prayers and butter lamps.

Astrology Reading

An astrology reading is believed to bring peace and harmony in one’s life. It predicts the future of individuals and paves the way to tackle the obstacles. The astrologer also gives the details of what is the secret from one’s name. It also reveals the past lives, family history and what the future may hold. Visit Pangrizampa College of Astrology in Thimphu, a 16th century Lhakhang for a private astrology reading and fortune-telling session with a Buddhist monk.

Blessing Ceremony

Blessing is highly recommended in Bhutan. The great religious masters give a blessing at the end of the religious festivals. Apart from the festivals, people including tourists also visit religious masers to receive blessings. Receiving a blessing is believed to remove sin and take one closer towards attending nirvana or enlightenment. It also believed to wipe out misfortunes, increase good luck and grant personal wishes.

Spiritual Cleansing (Fumigation)

It is culturally believed that every place has its local protective deity, and thus spirit and the fumigation occurs to keep the spirit happy. This is a rite of purification and cleansing all the bad spirits. It involves the burning of selected herbs and normally takes place in the early morning hours performed by any of the religious figures with propounding knowledge.

Private Lecture

Bhutan provides private lectures for tourists interested to know in-depth about Bhutan including its history, the development philosophy of Gross National Happiness, Democratic process, and Buddhist teaching among others. This can be booked in advance with the agent. Accordingly, the agent will facilitate the resources based on their availability. The resources include such as Rinpochhe – great religious masters, Lamas and other prominent speakers depending on the subjects that tourists intend to know.