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Ladakh is the most preferred destination of tourists because this place has one of India cold deserts. A trip to this place is filled with lots of natural beauties and heritable cultures  traditions. Located in the north-west region of India, the place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can explore different types of religious people but the local population of the city prefers the Buddhism. The place is not only admired for its sleepy mountains and valleys, but it is also one of the few remaining Buddhist destinations in South Asia. Numerous Buddhist temples, Buddhist monasteries and stupas are constructed in this place that pull different holidaymakers from every nook and corner of the globe. Being a cold desert, Leh-Ladakh is the part of Jammu  Kashmir and is encircled by two biggest peaks such as the Himalaya and Karakoram. Due to this, the location experiences drastic weather changes. The temperatures are so fluctuating that one can experience between o degrees to -28 degree temperatures at the time of winters. Whereas in summers, one has to face temperatures like 3 degrees to 30 degrees. In view of the temperatures and the altitude, travelers are advised to carry preventive medication for altitude sickness prior boarding on their journey.Here are the places you must see @ Ladakh One of the most recommended places of Ladakh. The Leh Palace which is located behind the main market has important eight stories. This Palace is quite interesting and similar to the Potala Palace inLhasa. Just in the lead of the palace is the popular Chamba Temple, which is a one-roomed place of worship that has a vast icon of Maitreya. Since the temple cannot be located easily, it is advisable to ask about it. While shopping in the bazaar, you must notice the Jama Masjid. This Masjid has been painted in white and green shade. Some other place that you must go is the Sankar Gompa, which is located within the Leh city. At a time, this religious residence only welcomes twenty monks. Additionally, the monks here are highly welcomed and always provide yak butter tea to those travelers.During the journey in Ladakh, travelers will get numerous types of hotels that are segregated from the most luxurious five-star hotel to affordable range budget hotel. The five-star hotels operating in this place are providing unmatched hospitality service that will make your trip more comfortable. On the other hand, the affordable range hotels are the perfect choice for a more friendly stay where you get the requisite services that will not offend your pocket. All these hotels are very much singular because of its location and natural surroundings.

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