Update Testimonial

I would like to thank Bhutan Bokar Travel, a Bhutan Travel Agent for all the help and luxurious stay in the country. I had immediate booking for a trip to Bhutan without a proper plan. I really didn’t know where to start. But I am highly grateful to Bhutan Bokar Travel, who arranged an excellent Bhutan trip comprising of cultural tour with trek. I am so proud to mention that I was provided with best hotels and comfortable new car. Kinley, the driver was so careful and smooth driving. My tour guide Chenda was a great man. He has profound knowledge of Bhutan history and culture.

On the trek, I was given the utmost care by the trekking crews. The trekking cook Phuntsho, prepared the best meals that I always ate more. The helper Sithar and Horse man Chagay were also very helpful and was fun.

Finally, I am leaving Bhutan with so much of good memories. The sweet smiles of the people living in this beautiful country will always linger in my heart. Once more, I would like to thank, Bhutan Bokar Travel for all the wonderful things done to me. You are the BEST!

Alexandros Tsalkas