Bhutan is rightly regarded as a country of mountain and clouds. A Buddhist kingdom, nestled on the eastern edge of Himalaya, is the abode of monasteries, fortresses, dramatic landscape and friendly people. Bhutan, being in friendly terms with India promotes tourism and offers its best service. Well, if you are an adventure freak and want to climb the rugged mountains then there are various packages to choose from which the standard tour agents offer.

There are different packages to choose from; of course, that depends on your budget and days covered. But let’s discuss about some standard packages at affordable rates conducted by renowned tour companies.

1.  Druk path trek (9 days): It’s an easy, moderate trek that passes through Alpine woods and offers campsites next to the beautiful monastery, mountain, and lakes. You will cover Tiger’s Nest, Jela Dzong, Jangchulakha, Jimilangtsho, Simkota, Phajodhing, Thimou and then departure to Paro.

2. Dagala thousand lakes trek (12 days): This includes trek in the ancient cattle migration route. You will see spectacular views of the mountain ranges of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and India. The places covered in this trek are- Thimpu, Genakha, Gur, Labatama, Pankha, Talekha and then back to Paro.

3. Beautiful Laya Gasa trek (17 days): You will view the remote Northern parts of Bhutan where the nomadic used to live. You will love the rugged topography and have a chance to see blue sheep, griffons, snow leopard and blue poppy flower. Places covered will be Thangthankgka, Shana, Lingshi, Chebisa, Jangothang, Shoumuthang, Roluthang, Limithang, Robluthang Laya, Chamsa, Gasa Tsachu, Punakha, Thimpu and then back to Paro.

4. Merak Sakteng Yeti trek (15 days): You’ll have the opportunity to see the Sakteng wildlife sanctuary. There are tales that Yeti or Migoi is seen here but no evidence found so far. The cultural heritage of Brokpa people is reserve by the Government. The places covered are – Tashigang, Chaling, Donmang Chu, Merak, Milksathag, Sakteng, Joankhar and then back to Paro.

5. Snowman trek (30 days): This is one of the toughest treks on earth. You will have the opportunity to view the breathtaking mountains, turquoise green glaciers, and highland villages. It requires passing through 11 passes. The main places covered are Shana, Soi Thankgthangkha, Jangothang, Lingshi, Chebisa, Shakyapasang, Tsheringyangu, Limithang, Laya, Rodophu, Narethang, Tarina, Woche, Lhedi, Thanza, Tsho Chena, Jichu Dramo, Chu Karpo, Tampoe Tsho, Maurathang, Nikka Chchu, Punakha, Bumthang , Thimpu and back to Paro. This is the lengthiest tour, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment once you finish this trek.

6. Magical Jomolhari trek (10 days): You’ll have the opportunity to see the Magical Jomolhari Mountains (7,314mts). This is a popular trek that varies in altitude between 2500mts and 4930mts. The main places covered in the trek are- Gunetshawa, Shana Zampa, Soi Thanghthangha, Jangothang, Lingshi, Sodhu, Barshong, Dolam Kencho, Dodena and then back to Paro.

7. Other adventure tours that might interest the tourists: There are other tours of particular interest like Tiger’s Nest tour, Rafting and Kayaking tour, Hiking and walking tour, adventure tour, mountain biking tour, meditation, and yoga tour, pilgrimage tour, village tour, bird watching tour, botanical tour, nature, and safari tour, butterfly tour, fly fishing tour, helicopter tour, horse riding tour and yak riding tour. There are much more to offer on the adventure list of tours.

There is no dearth of tour agents and well-planned tour packages from which you may choose. The money spent is worth the experience you can cherish for a lifetime. Bhutan is the best place to experience adventure tours.

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Date : 02 Oct 2017